Foto del proyecto Parintins Transmisora de Energía (PATE)

The states of Pará and Amazonas consume renewable sources thanks to PATE

The Parintins Transmissora de Energia (Parintins Energy Transmission Project) is successfully energised nine months ahead of the contractual date with ANEEL, taking renewable sources to Pará and Amazonas.

Nine months in advance of the contractual date of ANEEL (Agência Nacional de Energia Elétrica / National Agency of Electrical Energy) of 22 March 2024, Celeo Brasil set up the Parintins Transmissora de Energia (PATE) (Parintins Energy Transmission Project) on 14 June 2023. The energisation of the PATE project developed in the states of Pará and Amazonas, allows cities such as Jurutí and Parintins to be connected with the Interconnected Energy System of Brazil, thereby achieving that the power consumed by the towns in the area ceases to be supplied by highly contaminating diesel generators. Additionally, the construction was made pursuant to IFC standards, reinforcing guarantees of the project’s environmental and social sustainability, and good governance.

PATE consists of a double circuit 230 kV transmission line of 225.5 kilometres, extension of the existing substation of Oriximiná and construction of two new substations in Jurutí and Parintins. One of the major construction challenges that this project has had to face has been the crossing of the Amazon river with a span of 2.3 km and towers with a height of 250 metres to circumvent the river.

In terms of the planning of the works, it is worth highlighting the value of the entire construction logistics represented by the difference in river height between the dry season and the rainy season, which significantly affects the access to the 142 towers situated in floodable zones out of the total 528 towers the project comprises. We would note that to fund the project, in October 2020 the company signed a credit agreement with the Banco da Amazônia, an institution that fosters development in the north region of the country, for a value of 800 million reals (almost 149 million euros). Additionally, in April 2021, the company issued infrastructure debentures for a value of 220 million reals (approximately 41 million euros).