Equipo de Celeo en la Leilão 1/2023

Celeo Brazil is awarded Lot 6 of the ANEEL auction and will connect the country’s northeast region

For the purposes of expanding the transmission system in the northeast region of the country, Celeo Redes Brasil obtained Lot 6 of the ANEEL auction

The length will be 357 kilometres in double circuit, including the connecting equipment in the respective substations, in a line that will pass through 18 municipalities of the Bahía and Sergipe states, in the country’s Northeast region This is Lot 6 of the auction by ANEEL, Agência Nacional de Energia Elétrica (National Agency of Electrical Energy), (Leilão 1/2023) which took place on 30 June and was awarded to Celeo Redes Brasil. The concession comprises financing, construction, and operation of a transmission line in 500kV SE Xingó – SE Camaçari II.

The goal of this new infrastructure is to support the expansion of the transmission system in the southern area of the Northeast and North Regions of the states of Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo, motivated to a great extent by the existing expectation of large amounts of energy being contracted from renewable generation projects in the whole of the region, with the notable participation of wind and solar farms.

The concession has an investment estimated by ANEEL of R$ 1,203 million (more than 228 million euros), and will receive an annual awarded remuneration of R$ 99,870,100 (almost 19 million euros) for 30 years. The regulatory construction period established by ANEEL is 60 months.

The awarded Lot includes:

  • 500 kV Transmission Line Xingó – Camaçarí II, CD, C1 and C2, with 2×357 km
  • 4 line input modules
  • 3 busbar connection modules
  • 15 line reactor single-phase units of 45.3MVAr