NITE: New transmission project awarded in Chile

Celeo has been awarded a new transmission project in Chile (OC_Grupo1) within the “Obras Nuevas” tender organized by the National Electric Coordinator (CEN).

In November 2020, Celeo was awarded a new project in the tender for Exempt Decree 231-2019 and Exempt Decree 198-2019. This is a group of projects consisting of the first circuit of the new 2×66 kV Nueva Nirivilo – Constitución line, as well as the expansion of the Constitución and Nueva Nirivilo substations. The latter is part of the MATE project, which allows us to take advantage of the synergies with our operations in the Maule region.

The deadline for commissioning is 36 months for the new line and 24 months for the substation expansion works. The approximate total investment value is $ 26.6 million.