GRESB Results 2019

Chile ranked 1st and Brazil 2nd in the GRESB ranking of power transmission companies.

Celeo has reported for the second consecutive year in GRESB, an organization dedicated to the evaluation and comparison of the performance of portfolios of real estate and infrastructure funds and assets worldwide in environmental, social and governance terms. In 2019 assessment, Celeo Redes Brazil scored 83 points, placing second in the power transmission companies section. Celeo Redes Chile scored 87 points, reaching the first place in the ranking and positioning itself as the best company in the power transmission sector.

Despite these excellent results, there are new opportunities for growth for Celeo, in line with the ongoing quest for sustainability. By 2020 we plan to improve best practice reporting, as well as to report on GRESB Resilience, which assesses the impact of external factors on the management of companies. Parameters such as climate change and social impact will be considered for the implementation of mitigation and contingency plans in the future.