location puerto maldonado

Under construction

160 km

138 kV

25 MVA

COD (planned)
Feb 2025

The Puerto Maldonado - Iberia project is divided into three infrastructure components:
- Component 1: Puerto Maldonado - Iberia Transmission Line of approximately 160 km.
- Component 2: Iberia 138/22.9 kV 25 MVA substation.
- Component 3: Expansion of the Puerto Maldonado Substation.
Puerto Maldonado - Iberia is a project of the electricity sub-sector that will make it possible to supply electricity to the area and meet the growing demand for electricity, especially for the development of investment projects, in addition to meeting the growing demand for electricity from the Iberia - Iñapari Rural Electricity System and supplying electricity to the city of Iberia, both for the population and industrial loads in the area.