MATE: Commissioning of the Hualqui substation

Celeo announces that it has commissioned the first project belonging to Mataquito Transmisora de Energía

On November 3, 2021, Hualqui substation came into operation as part of the MATE group, the first of the eleven projects that make up the project. This substation is located in south-central Chile, near Concepción, one of the most populated cities in the country. Hualqui substation will be our second own substation in the country after Illapa substation, which is part of DATE project.

This substation has a 220/66 kV transformer with a capacity of 90 MVA and will connect two lines of MATE project, Hualqui-Chiguayante 2×66 kV and Itahue-Hualqui 2×220 kV.

This substation will strengthen the power supply for the city of Concepción and its surroundings and will also provide additional evacuation capacity for numerous wind power developments in the area.