Solicitações de compartilhamento de infraestructura em Celeo Brasil

In compliance with art. 9th of Joint Resolution No. 001, of 11/24/1999, of ANEEL, ANATEL and ANP, which approved the Joint Regulation for sharing Infrastructure in the Electric Energy, Telecommunications and Petroleum sectors, and art. 20 of Normative Resolution No. 1,044, of 09/27/2022, Celeo Redes Brasil S.A. makes public that it is making available the excess capacity of its Infrastructure composed of unused fiber optic cables (art. 7, III, of Joint Resolution No. 001 ) for sharing with agents in the Telecommunications sector, as per the descriptive table below:

Route:Cable Extension:
Oriximiná – Juruti (PATE)138km
Juruti – Parintins (PATE)102 km
Total:240 km

Any sharing request must follow the provisions of art. 11 et seq. of Joint Resolution No. 001.
Requests must be sent to the headquarters of Celeo Redes Brasil S.A., located at Rua do Passeio, nº 38, Setor 2, Sala 1201, Centro, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, CEP: 20.021-290 or sent via email for
For further information, Requesters may contact Celeo Redes Brasil S.A directly via email: