GRESB Results 2021

Brazil ranked 1st and Chile 2nd in the GRESB ranking of power transmission companies in America.

For the fourth consecutive year, Brazil and Chile have participated in the GRESB ranking to develop their sustainability management and advance in the search for ESG best practices. In 2021 assessment, Celeo remains at the top of the GRESB ranking.

GRESB is an organization dedicated to assessing and comparing the performance of portfolios of real estate and infrastructure funds and assets worldwide in environmental, social and governance aspects. Both Brazil and Chile have made a great effort in the systematization and integration of new requirements, such as the integration of the resilience module in the company’s business model.

The results for Brazil and Chile in 2021 were exceptional. On the one hand, Celeo Redes Brasil obtained 100 points, reaching second place worldwide and first place in the section of energy transmission companies in the Americas. On the other hand, Celeo Redes Chile is positioned, with 96 points, as the sixteenth company worldwide and the second in the section of energy transmission companies in America. These results consolidate the leadership and maturity of Celeo’s ESG management and are the result of the hard work and commitment of all employees.